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Safety & Loss Control

Every dollar spent to compensate for an avoidable loss is a dollar which might better have been used. We provide our members with access to the most professional loss control representatives.

Here’s a sample of services provided to our members:


Site Surveys

Members receive annual loss control visits to monitor conditions within normally occupied buildings and facilities, including recreation areas and reviewing procedures and operations to identify unsafe conditions that could present liability or workers compensation exposure to loss.

Safety Committee Meetings
A loss control representative is available to attend local member safety committee meetings.

Targeted Consultation Services

Specific loss control efforts tailored to each members’ individual needs to reduce the frequency

and severity of losses.


Safety Awareness Program

The Fund recognizes the safety efforts of its members through a safety awareness program. Annually, the fund allocates each member’s earned awards for the purchase of safety related items.

Cyber Assistance

Members have access to assistance with identifying, managing, and reducing existing cyber-related risks.

Safety and Training

The Fund provides each member with $2,000 annually towards safety related training, which may include employment practices, anti-harassment and ethics.

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PEOSHA Required Employee Training

MIDJIF offers access to education and training programs at NO ADDITIONAL COST to members including:

  • Access to the MEL Safety Institute (MSI), which provides PEOSH required training sessions, workshops and seminars. Over 1,200 different classes are regularly scheduled throughout the state. Site-specific classes can be set up at the member's own venue.

  • Online and conventional video library. 

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